Creating Creativity

There is no worse way to create than to seek being creative. In fact, the best way to create involves anything but creation. When the creative soul clears their mind they find answers. While all answers are not solutions, occasionally an answer solves a problem. But as with lovers, any given problem has many solutions. Then, the dilemma for the creative soul is, how does their lowly solution meet the problem? We now arrive at the Pareto distribution: many creatives will fail and few will succeed. Those creatives who succeed will reap the grand sum of reward, the rest will be forgotten. The stakes for creatives are high, and thus a paradox of thought is born. For a creative to succeed they must produce great work; in other disciplines, work arrives from effort and effort stems from mind. Yet, the opposite is true for creative work. If creative work only begins when the mind slows, then how can the mind slow with stakes so high. The creative soul is thus relegated to structure for the inaccessibility of divergence. Our industrialized system inhibits the creative soul.

Brent UrbanskiComment