Brent Urbanski

About: My Website


Simplicity with Depth

My Goal

An effective website presents its complexity as auxiliary, instead shifting user attention towards a series of basic components. My challenge was to craft an experience where each user can effectively find and grasp what they came to discover. To achieve this, and simultaneously satisfy those interested in depth, I devised a system with three layers: Content, Emotion, and Pattern.

Layer 1: Content

Most users are visiting my website for an explicit purpose—they do not care about flair, only relevant content. This considered, my primary task was to provide these users a direct funnel to their need, where they could bypass the otherwise inevitable frustration of unclear navigation. From here, my content was posed to keep anything non-pertinent as sub-text, strictly framing my work using three roles and then three categories: Client, Supervisor, and Viewer; Design, Write, and Record.

Layer 2: Emotion

Integrating personality into my website makes the quantity of information more palatable to a niche audience. For those interested in me, they will find anecdotes explaining every role and portfolio piece featured. This commentary strives to compliment the users consumption as might a multi-media player at a museum: unnecessary yet enriching.

Layer 3: Pattern

When executed correctly, nobody notices patterns; these are often subtle design accents or congruent cues that are quietly pleasant. My intention was to build upon traditional nuance and embed within my website a more complex Easter egg. This exists as a voyage from space to sea, or a transition from my future to past, wherein the user moves between the 'Client' and 'Viewer' sections. Although not obvious, each theme was selected as a metaphor for the content inside. These connections are set as inconsequential additions to a functional base that give astute observers an array to explore.

Thank you for exploring my website.

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